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Two-Way Language Immersion Program

We are very excited to offer this program to our new incoming Kindergarten students. Our award-winning Two-Way Language Immersion program is exclusive to Viejo, Las Palmas, RH Dana and San Juan Elementary Schools. This program offers our students a unique and exciting opportunity to attain the priceless gift of fluency and literacy in two languages: English and Spanish.
The program was started in September 1992 with a grant from the United States Department of Education. Students begin in kindergarten and continue in the program through grade 5. A variety of teaching strategies, learning materials and activities enhance the students’ academic learning, language acquisition and social skills. Families can continue the Two-Way program for grades 6-8 at Newhart Middle School, Marco Forster Middle School or Bernice Ayer Middle School.
School district standards, aligned with Common Core State Standards, and grade-level competencies are taught in all subject areas at all levels. Our program focuses on academic excellence and literature in both languages throughout the curriculum.
The Two-Way Immersion program is voluntary, but attending a Kinder Tour is mandatory to apply due to its high demand. 


  • Read, Write, and Speak in English and Spanish
  • Multicultural appreciation and respect for other cultures
  • Secondary-language study helps develop strong thinking and reasoning skills
  • It encourages high self-esteem and lifelong relationships
  • Preparation for multilingual careers of the future


School of Choice (SOC) applications are not required for Two-Way Schools such as Viejo Elementary. A Language Immersion Application is required following a Kindergarten Tour. 
*If Viejo is your home school, but you do not wish to have your child enrolled in this unique language education, your automatic home school is Bathgate Elementary. You may contact them directly for enrollment.